Other supporting components

StarPlayer:video plyer

StarPlayer is a video playback component developed for the SDK to display video view. You can reference the demo for specific usage.

API description

//Let the player be at the top of the window, blocking the rest of the window
void setZOrderOnTop(boolean b);

//Let the player be on the top of other players, but still at the bottom of the window
void setZOrderMediaOverlay(boolean b);

//Set the display mode of the player
void setScalType(StarPlayerScaleType type);

StarWhitePanel & StarWhitePanel2

StarWhitePanel is an educational whiteboard component developed for the SDK. It can broadcast the trajectory of the finger on the screen in real time. You can reference the demo for specific usage.

API description

//Start broadcast (called by the live broadcaster)
void publish(IXHRealtimeDataSender ixhRealtimeDataSender,String selfUserId);

//Stop broadcast (called by the live broadcaster)
void pause();

//Fill track data
void setPaintData(byte[] data,String fromID);

//Clear history track
void clean();

Network IO and video encoding parameter log

added in SDK v1.1.8

When you try video related services, you can get related information in the following ways.
Network related information
Network quality(0~1):StarRtcCore.currentNetworkQuality;
Upload speed(kb/s):StarRtcCore.currentUploadSpeed;
download speed(kb/s):StarRtcCore.currentDownloadSpeed;

Information of big video view
Bit rate(kbps):StarRtcCore.currentBitRate;
Frame rate(fps):StarRtcCore.currentFPS;

Information of small video view
Resolution StarRtcCore.currentVideoWidthSmall.currentVideoHeightSmall;
Bit rate(kbps):StarRtcCore.currentBitRateSmall;
Frame rate(fps):StarRtcCore.currentFPSSmall;