Chat room event notification

1 Create a chat room

//return {"status":"x"}

userId:the user ID of who requests to create a chat room

userDefineData:You can decide the content according to your own business logic. For example, you can pass the chat room name or json data.

2 Delete the chat room

{"action" : "AEC_CHATROOM_DELETE","userId":"xxx","roomId":"xxx"}
return {"status":"x"}

3 Inquire whether the chat room exists

{"action" : "AEC_CHATROOM_IS_EXIST","userId" : "xxx","roomId" : "xxx"}
return {"status":"x","data":"roomCreaterUserId,conCurrentNumber"}

The data field needs to return the room creator and the room’s number of people, separated by commas.

4 Send a message in the chat room

{"action" : "AEC_CHATROOM_SEND_MSG","userId" : "xxx","roomId" : "xxx"}

This feature is not open currently

The user sends a message once a time, it will send a call back. You can check the user balance here. If there is no money, don’t let the user send the message

You can do the deduction of the message here.