Welcome to integrate StarRTC.


  • [Instant Message] It supports hundreds of millions of terminals online simultaneously, and stand-alone machine (4 cores and 8G) can support 500,000 online at the same time
  • [Live call] You can use P2P seamless transmission and the call delay is as low as 150ms
  • [Live broadcast] You can use StarRTC sdk to realize multi-person live broadcast in minutes
  • [Multi-person meeting] It can provide HD video conference and real-time monitoring of network quality
  • [Group Live] It supports live broadcast in the group, and the permission control is more flexible.
  • [Interactive Whiteboard] It can record and synchronize various operations on different terminals in real time.
  • [live broadcast on web] It can directly initiate calls and live broadcasts on the browser
  • [Compatible with WebRTC] The sdk is interoperable with audio and video of WebRTC
  • [Multi-platform support] The sdk supports various iot hardware platforms


  • The cluster of IM message system supports hundreds of millions of concurrent and supports horizontal expansion!
  • Audio and video have the performance of ultra-low latency, and adaptive echo cancellation is leading in the industry!
  • The server is compatible with webrtc which also supports webrtc acceleration to making it easy to handle a lot of connections!